Sequin Reversible Magical Bracelet Discover

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Magic sequin bracelet

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Our Magical bracelets are being called “mesmerizing”, “calming”, and “a healthy break from the stimulation of electronics”. Colorful sequins that can be “drawn” on with the swipe of a finger or hand.

Be the very first to have our Love Mermaid Bracelet w/ Pink & Silver Sequins.. Guaranteed to be the favorite gift.

  • Adjustable velcro closure; fits ages 4-12+
  • Vibrant green and silver sequins are reversible. When you run your hands over the sequins they “flip” to a different color. It’s relaxing and fun!
  • Features our exclusive “Positivity Patch” — a daily positive reminder!
  • Lined with super-soft velvet
  • Matches are top-selling DISCOVER Dinosaur Pillow
  • Parents say these bracelets are calming; relaxing; focuses him/her; great alternative to electronics; addictive; fashionable and fun.
  • More colors! Also available in Aqua & Purple

Our sequin Collection is exclusive to us and you cannot purchase them elsewhere online within Australia. Our bracelets are superior in both design and quality


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